Satellite Descrambler

Satellite descramblers are present among us from the good old days as huge boxes that sat on your television sets and connected to giant satellite dishes, some of which required to be manually adjusted. During short time, satellite companies became aware of the fact that more and more people were purchasing satellite receivers. In the beginning satellite companies started to charge for programming, and they scrambled some of the programs so you had to buy another piece of equipment (satellite descrambler) to be able to watch the programming you had already paid for.
Generally, satellite programs are divided into two categories, free to air and premium. Free to Air programs do not requires a descrambler, but Premium or pay-per-view channels are scrambled until you purchase the equipment to descramble the programs you are unable to watch them. At present, the satellite receiver works as a satellite descrambler. All of the signals coming through your satellite are digitally scrambled until they reach your satellite descrambler. The descrambler decodes this information and converts it into a viewable form so the satellite programs can be viewed on your television sets.

Satellite descrambler is a card that contains specific software for authorized users to access a clear, digital picture and for that they usually pay a monthly subscription fee. Absence of appropriate descrambler restricts the user to receive only the scrambled signals from the satellite. Authorized user is given the appropriate descrambler by the company to enjoy the satellite programs they ordered and paid for. The price for the satellite descramblers varies a lot. The channels that will actually be available through the descrambler will depend upon the package that you have selected and the specific satellite system.

Satellite TV signals are beamed through a satellite to a satellite dish and then passed via a cable to the descrambler which is usually next to your TV. The main function of the receiver is to convert the radio frequency signals from the satellite dish into audio and video signals that you can feed into your television equipment. The signals for satellite shows are scrambled, that is why people without subscriptions get white haze. Satellite descrambler allows a wide range of shows to be available for a consumer’s attention, but the satellite service providers need to pay for the huge expense of the satellites, which is why a monthly subscription is charged for the satellite TV shows. The descrambler is the tool that allows the shows to actually come in to your TV set and prevent the individuals from watching satellite TV for free. A satellite descrambler is like an interpreter. The software present in the descrambler acts as an interpreter and lets you watch your favorite shows.  That’s what the actual function of a satellite descrambler; it literally unscrambles a scrambled signal so you can enjoy quality television in your home.

Satellite signals are transmitted using an encryption algorithm that prevents pirates from receiving and viewing the signal. Unless you have the proper descrambling equipment, which contain the algorithm keys that enable regular viewing, the signal comes in garbled and warped. In audio/visual terms, the descrambler enables the proper audio and visual playback of the signal that you are receiving. There is certainly nothing to prevent you from owning a legitimately purchased satellite descrambler. These descramblers are completely legal, and you will find them promoted with satellite internet access. Descramblers come in several varieties, from standard to PVR units, and often satellite service providers want to attract you to opt for their service via premium content subscriptions or PVR capabilities.

If you purchased the descrambler through a legitimate source and receive legitimate satellite service they are merely a tool that enables you to use their services. If you obtained a hacked satellite descrambler from the market and do not pay for satellite services you are enjoying then you are acting illegally. A hacked descrambler will decode the satellite signal regardless of whether or not you are an active paying customer. Many people use these descramblers to gain free access to satellite programs. The reality is that you can obtain a satellite descrambler and view satellite television for free. However, if you are caught with illegal equipment you will be fined and possibly charged with theft. As well, satellite companies are constantly refreshing their algorithm keys, and only legitimate subscribers are able to receive the new ones via the satellite broadcast.

Modern television encryption techniques are also making descrambling rather unpractical, as many descramblers won’t allow you to view high-definition channels or movies, as their physical electronics are unable to transmit the proper signal. This is combined with the increasingly tight security that satellite companies are maintaining and you face a reality that illegitimate satellite descramblers are a dying fast. To go in for a legitimate satellite descrambler is the best solution you got, if you really want to enjoy those satellite shows on your TV sets. 


  1. anonymous says:

    i just wanted to ask if are any softwares that can decode satellite signals for the PC.

  2. Frank says:

    I’m interested in getting a legitimate satellite descrambler thaat gets the maximun channels and all the premium channels.

    Please advise as to who sells or leases this.


  3. Chris Smith says:

    Were can I purcahse a satellite descrambler

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