Digital cable descrambler

To have crystal clear image on your TV sets, a cable network is necessary. In order to achieve that cable TV companies install the cable lines all over cities, running from one end to another and from one house to another. All these cables form the cable network, through which the TV signal is permanently running. To enhance the quality of the transmission and minimize the signal loss to produce a good quality of audio and video cable companies use the digital transmission method. This also enables the cable company to protect its income and profit by using a simple method: scrambling all the TV signals that run through the cable lines. By installing a cable descrambler in a house, this problem is fixed. Every client of the cable company has a cable descrambler attached to their TV sets, but not all of them are activated. When the client pays the cable bill, the cable TV company is sending information through the cable line that is activating your cable descrambler and the client starts getting images on their TV set. Cable companies often use cable descramblers for pay-per-view and premium channels too.

Digital cable descrambler is a piece of equipment that is attached to the TV set for you get to see crystal clear images. After installing it, the company will activate it for you. The image on your TV is the result of the cable descrambler action; it is this device that transforms the TV signal into image.  The digital cable descrambler sits between your TV set and the cable wire. The TV signals sent by the cable company first reach to this equipment through the attached cable. The signals are already encrypted by the cable company, on the receipt of the signals the descrambler analyses the data and tries to match the encrypted code present in the signal, if your payment to the cable company is clear then the code matches and it starts decoding the signals to viewable form so that you may be able to watch the channels you want to see. 

Digital cable descramblerThe cable company transmits at least 2 to 300 channels in encrypted form but it is not necessary that you would be able to watch all those channels on your TV set with the help of the descrambler, instead of that your descrambler will show you only those channels for which you have paid to the cable company.

If you want to buy digital cable descrambler then keep in mind that these are available in two types, the first type consists of single unit that holds a converter and a descrambler assembled jointly, it’s a compact assembly and it has its own benefits and losses. This type of descrambler offers you the possibility of being easily installed and repaired. This descrambler has the advantage of being compatible to the systems used by most of cable companies. But this descrambler is costly if you seek the replacement from the market. The second type available comprise of  two separate systems packed individually–one system holding a converter and the other one holding a cable descrambler which are interconnected and serve the same purpose as the first type. This type of descrambler has the benefit of paying less for every system compared to the single unit device. In case one of the system breaks down, you can get it repaired or change it for a new one, without affecting the other system.

The cable TV company sends a coded message through its cable network and this coded message reaches the device that every client has and the descrambler verifies the code and after verification starts descrambling the premium or pay-per-view channels that the customer has previously paid for. This type of device allows the cable TV company to easily disconnect the non paying consumers.
The use of cable descramblers differs from one cable network to another as cable network since they use different type of scrambling systems. Therefore if you want to buy the descrambler then you must verify with your cable company beforehand so that you may purchase the exact type of cable descrambler that your cable TV company recommends for use. If you are facing any problem with the functioning of your descrambler, then you should contact your cable provider. Most important is always try to act as per the advise of your cable service provider.

The digital cable descrambler works in the same way as normal cable descramblers but they possess the advanced feature of descrambling digital cable signal. At present you have 2 options: the normal cable descrambler and the digital cable descrambler. It is advisable to purchase a digital cable descrambler as the technology is progressing fast and soon enough, all cable TV companies will replace their old fashioned cable descramblers for new high-tech digital cable descramblers.

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