Benefits of PC Satellite TV

The popularity of satellite TV on computer is growing in leaps and bounds. This definitely puts sufficient weight to the opinion that it is the best thing to do. It seems that, this TV craze is going to stay here. There are several reasons that explain why the young and old alike watch satellite TV on computer. It is quite a norm for homes in developed countries to have at least one computer in the household. This satisfies the first essentiality to watch satellite TV on computer. One more reason being the increase in number of people who are getting onto the internet to surf or for online information. It can be safely added that this rising star, PC satellite TV is not going to go away into forgetfulness anytime soon but it is to stay here for long time to come. To watch satellite TV on PC, all you required to do is to download special PC satellite TV software from the internet and install onto your PC, it is very easy to install the software on your PC. Even aged and youngsters have found the instructions very simple and it takes no more than a few clicks to watch satellite TV on computer. With over 4000 channels to choose from, everyone in the family is indulged in it for making their own choice.

PC satellite tvYou have the option to manage the channels that you watch on your computer through the intelligent channel management interface. Many of these software packages available on the net allow you the elasticity to bookmark your favorite channels. Updates for each channel are also supplied to you spontaneously. It is relatively cheaper cost of PC satellite TV compared to conventional satellite TV packages that is driving its popularity to the new heights. The conventional satellite TV package usually attracts a monthly payment, no matter how cheap and affordable it is, it would still cost every month. On the other hand PC satellite TV software works out to cost much lesser and it is only a one time cost, that is pay once and you never have to worry about your recurring bills. There is one more advantage of watching satellite TV on computer. Sometimes you may wish to watch a LIVE sports channel; you may have to pay some extra charges i.e. the pay per view charges in order to watch the channel on your conventional satellite TV connection. With PC satellite TV software, you need not worry about that as there will not be any additional cost at all.

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Watch TV through PC Satellite TV

Recently the craze to watch satellite TV on PC has taken the world by storm. More and more TV viewers watch digital satellite TV on PC currently as compared to a year ago. As most homes in developed and fast developing countries have a computer. The number of people surf the net continuously rising, at present around a billion people each day are using the internet world over. Due to   this the rise in PC satellite TV business is destined to grow and become more and more popular. Viewers are more selective in terms of TV entertainment today as there are better options than analog and cable TV are available to them. For a person to be able to watch satellite TV on their PC all he needs to do is download some software directly from the web on to their PC and off they go.

The benefit to be gained from watching satellite TV on your PC as compared to using the traditional system is the cost. All you pay for is the software which you have to download. You are no longer needed to worry each month about the fees that a traditional satellite provider asks for providing their service. Many satellite providers are also charging additional fee for their sports and movie sites. Moreover if you want to watch the big game then this will probably attract pay per view. By enabling yourself to watch satellite TV on PC, you get all the programs for free.
Satellite TV through the internet is going to be the future for us. In fact many people will be wondering how they ever watched TV any other way before. There are 2 common ways to enable your computer to watch Satellite TV. On top of that you can also listen to digital radio on your PC along with Satellite TV.

Pc satellite tvOne of the ways is to use a PCTV card. With a PCTV card, you can get digital television as well as radio on your PC with clear picture and audio quality. There is one type which can be installed directly into your PC whilst the other type is an external box that just needs to be able to plug into a USB port on a PC. These cards offer you an access to over 200 to 300 satellite channels in the present time and growing continuously. The processor inside your PC should be a Pentium II 333MHz and carry an operating system such as Windows 98/ME/2000 or XP. It should also include a good quality sound card, a spare USB slot and a CD Rom drive. Plus if you happen to be a real computer geek you could also include a card that has either windows media player, real player or quick time player on them. All of which will take your viewing on to the next and higher level. As long as your computer has the configuration we have mentioned above you will be able to have lot of fun when you watch satellite TV on PC in the future. You will get access to 4.000 channels… You may probably end up fighting with yourself what program you really would like to see. You can also watch live sport games.

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Satellite Dish System Repair

Satellites Dish Systems are used all over the world to receive a variety of channels for television viewing. Mostly satellite service providers give you the complete satellite system you will be using for the programs that you will be watching on your TV sets. The satellite receiver is the nerve center of the system and it is the section that is most likely to be the culprit, if your satellite system goes blank, as electronic equipment all too often does. Then you are stuck with a broken system that has some sort of malfunction and you need it to work correctly, because you want to see your favorite show. It’s your system, because the satellite service provider gave it to you and it is entirely your responsibility to get it repaired, or replaced, because it is your personal property.

Generally cables are used to connect a television with a satellite dish provided by a service provider. Satellite dishes use air space to connect to the satellite signals and in turn, relay them for viewing. However, we never pay attention to the satellite system unless transmission is interrupted. At times, it is really annoying to switch on a television set only to watch a blinking screen. In such cases, you may try to tune the satellites dish. While tuning a small satellite dish, it is very important to maintain the accurate compass direction. When the receiver is turned on and put in tuning mode, a graph will display the satellite signal strength. The satellite dish is moved ever so gently by a hairs width, up and down, side to side, until you reach the highest satellite signal strength. This gives you the best chance of viewing However, this is just a method to try and eliminate the problem. It is also important to check the receiver menu. This helps to conclude if odd or even transponders are missing. If any of these are not responding, main power source should be checked. Satellite dish owners may try to disconnect the receiver and LNB for a few minutes and then reconnect. Sometimes this may solve the problem. Loss of signal may also occur due to heavy rainfall or snow storm. In such a case it is essential to adjust the dish to receive signals. If channels are still unavailable for viewing the dish satellite system may require repairing.

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Why Cable TV descrambler ?

A cable descrambler allows you to view scrambled channels received from your cable operator. It is capable of restoring the picture and sound of a scrambled channel. Cable descramblers are legal products. Cable operators generally provide you a cable box directly from the cable company when you sign up with them for regular or digital cable service. Based upon your choice they select certain channels and descramble them while others remain scrambled. There may be additional features to permit cable customers to watch “pay per view” or “on demand” shows and movies.
There is a wide range of cable descramblers available in the market. Cost of a cable descrambler may vary, depending on its quality and features. You should buy an up-to-date cable descrambler from your cable TV company.
In this way you will benefit from the latest technology at a reasonable price, as cable TV companies usually have different price offers for different customer budgets. If you desire to buy a cable descrambler off the market, be very careful what you are buying. Do not buy converter instead of descrambler. A converter is an electronic tuning device and basically it makes your TV set get the channels even if your TV is not the cable ready type. If you the purchase the cable descrambler from the market and the use of the descrambler is authorized by the cable company, and appropriate subscriptions are paid by you, there is no problem. However, if the device purchased by you is a pirate box descrambler which decodes cable television signals without any authorization or payment, that use is illegal. Unauthorized use of cable descrambler ordinarily calls for a civil and criminal litigation against the person who possesses the descrambler.

A cable technician sometime detects an illegal descrambler while performing service. Present technology also enables a cable company to detect the presence of a cable box within a particular house which does not subscribe to their cable services. If the cable descrambler is detected in a residence where there was no cable subscription, or is found to be connected to the live cable line where there is no lawful use for the box other than the possibility of descrambling, it is much more likely that a civil suit will result, and it is more likely that the police will take an interest in the case.

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DirecTV HDTV receiver

DirecTV offers a plethora to of channels to the television enthusiasts. Their package usually includes hundreds of channels with digital video and audio studded with sporting events you could possibly able to watch elsewhere, and great HDTV programs. For that you should have a DirecTV system capable of receiving HDTV, the DirecTV receiver acts as HDTV receiver also.
Some of the features offered by DirecTV HDTV Satellite Receivers are like it transmits HD broadcasts to the TV giving the sharpest picture quality available. Dolby Digital surround sound for three-dimensional audio.  Its combination tuner lets their clients watch satellite and over-the-air HDTV channels. With a touch of a button it allows the access to all HDTV channels through its DIRECTV Advanced Program Guide. The Universal remote offered by the DirecTV allows operating satellite TV receiver, television set, VCR and the DVD player through the use of this single device. It provides separate video and audio connections so that satellite system can be hooked up to the stereo or home theater system as per the choice of the client.

DirecTV is one of the leading players in the HDTV arena, as it took the initial lead to release the first HDTV related products since these services were launched few years ago. DirecTV offers tuners, receivers and satellite dishes to its clients. DirecTV has many popular HDTV receivers for their clients some of them are:

H20 HDTV receiver system
DirecTV H20 HDTV receiver converts programs efficiently; this system is hooked to a HDTV-compatible antenna to receive programs from local or free-to-air channels or from DirecTV’s high-definition program lineup. The specifications of this smart system include DirecTV receiver that receives and decodes digital HDTV signals from satellites of DirecTV and local free-to-air broadcasts by using a compatible antenna, the remote controls up to four components, the system includes component video, S-video, and RCA audio/video cables, it has 1 USB interface,  it offers selectable 480i/480p/720p/1080i output via HDMI and component video and receives digital TV broadcasts in 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i HDMI,  it has satellite and antenna inputs, supports MPEG4, includes a phone jack, searchable 7-day program guide, on-screen caller ID, built-in HDTV tuner, beside that it gives out 2 sets of audio/video outputs, optical digital audio output that passes Dolby® Digital audio and  90-day warranty, this makes this system lucrative.

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HDTV Tuner – High definition television Tuner

HDTV stands for high definition television, a new means of broadcasting and the machines that take advantage of it. HDTV broadcasts video digitally, in contrast to the common analog formats like PAL, NTSC, and SECAM.HDTV is defined as having 1080 active pixel lines and a screen with a length-to-height ratio of 16:9. This screen shape departs from the conventional ratio of 4:3. The new ratio lends itself better to widescreen movies. HDTV resolution is about twice as high as typical CRT sets, which have 480 active pixel lines instead of 1080. The increase in resolution is just one of the benefits of HDTV. Because the image is digital rather than analog, it tends to be much sharper on televisions of all sizes.
HDTV tuner is commonly known as ATSC tuner also. It allows reception of digital television signals broadcast over-the-air by TV stations. Such tuners may be incorporated into the televisions, VCRs, digital video recorders, and descramblers which provide audio/video output-connectors of various types.

The terms like HDTV tuner and receiver are used freely and frequently. The tuner generates the audio and video signals needed for television and performs the tasks like demodulation, error correction, transport stream demultiplexing, decompression, analog to digital conversion, AV synchronization, and media reformatting which includes interlace to progressive scan or vice versa, picture resolutions, aspect ratio conversions, frame rate conversion, even scaling. It is commonly used to convert a low-resolution picture to a high-resolution display. HDTV tuner functions by generating audio and video signals that are picked up from over the air TV broadcasts. These tuners provide the functions like:
Demodulation: it means the signal that is pulled off the airways is transformed into a usable signal that your TV set can use to display quality images and quality sound.

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Direct TV descrambler

Direct TV descramblers are devices inside the satellite TV receiver that restores the high-density TV signals in the Ku band from the satellite that beamed directly to the home of the viewer, prohibiting the need of a cable operator using a 30cm to 46cm diameter small dish antennae and a Direct TV descrambler. The signals are intentionally scrambled to make sure these TV signals are not usable to people who have not subscribed to the satellite programming package including these signals. Direct TV descramblers use a digitally derived key to unscramble these signals. The Satellite TV service providers transmit the TV signal with a portion of the key code that will unscramble the signal. The rest of the key is programmed into the receivers subscribers have in their homes or offices. The signal is fed into the receiver, the Direct TV descrambler matches up the portion of the key code in the signal with the key code in the receiver. When these codes match, the access card present in the Direct TV descrambler then provides access to that programming authorized by the subscription. So that subscribers are able to decode channels and view a plethora of programs. Subscribers are provided with channel cards that are essentially prepaid debit cards.

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Digital cable descrambler

To have crystal clear image on your TV sets, a cable network is necessary. In order to achieve that cable TV companies install the cable lines all over cities, running from one end to another and from one house to another. All these cables form the cable network, through which the TV signal is permanently running. To enhance the quality of the transmission and minimize the signal loss to produce a good quality of audio and video cable companies use the digital transmission method. This also enables the cable company to protect its income and profit by using a simple method: scrambling all the TV signals that run through the cable lines. By installing a cable descrambler in a house, this problem is fixed. Every client of the cable company has a cable descrambler attached to their TV sets, but not all of them are activated. When the client pays the cable bill, the cable TV company is sending information through the cable line that is activating your cable descrambler and the client starts getting images on their TV set. Cable companies often use cable descramblers for pay-per-view and premium channels too.

Digital cable descrambler is a piece of equipment that is attached to the TV set for you get to see crystal clear images. After installing it, the company will activate it for you. The image on your TV is the result of the cable descrambler action; it is this device that transforms the TV signal into image.  The digital cable descrambler sits between your TV set and the cable wire. The TV signals sent by the cable company first reach to this equipment through the attached cable. The signals are already encrypted by the cable company, on the receipt of the signals the descrambler analyses the data and tries to match the encrypted code present in the signal, if your payment to the cable company is clear then the code matches and it starts decoding the signals to viewable form so that you may be able to watch the channels you want to see. 

Digital cable descramblerThe cable company transmits at least 2 to 300 channels in encrypted form but it is not necessary that you would be able to watch all those channels on your TV set with the help of the descrambler, instead of that your descrambler will show you only those channels for which you have paid to the cable company.

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Discover the HDTV Antenna

Hdtv antenna At present popularity of HDTV is growing at a brisk pace. You are allowed to watch amazing 1080 resolution broadcasts over the air for free. All you require is a HDTV set with a built-in HDTV tuner and an HDTV antenna. Antenna is a metallic structure designed to resonate at a specific frequency and to be reactive over a particular range of frequencies. Antennas are designed to function either in the range of UHF, VHF or both frequencies. Television broadcasts take place in the VHF and the UHF bands. HD signal is made up and recognized through its contents, by its modulation and not the carrier frequency it is transmitted on. Antenna doesn’t really care whether the signal is high definition or not. It has absolutely no idea what the signal resolution is, or whether the signal is analog, digital or HD.

Antenna type you require actually depends on the distance from the broadcasting tower and on the environment the antenna is installed in. If you live close to the tower you can manage with an indoor antenna. If you intend to pick the signals from more distant TV stations, then an outdoor TV antenna is necessary. The larger the distance is, the more powerful antenna is required. Omni- or multi-directional antennas can be used at small to medium distances from the towers. In remote areas directional TV antennas should be used, if you are located very far from the broadcasting towers and the signal is really weak, you may have no option left but to complement your outdoor TV antenna with a pre-amplifier.
Now the point of consideration is what broadcasts are available in your area and what are reception conditions with respect to each one of the broadcasts you are interested. Reception conditions are specified by a color code. The Consumer Electronics Association has defined seven color zones like Yellow, Green, Light Green, Red, Blue, Violet and Pink. Yellow zone is the one where reception quality is the best, pink zone is the toughest. CEA classification applies to outdoor TV antennas only.

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Satellite Descrambler

Satellite descramblers are present among us from the good old days as huge boxes that sat on your television sets and connected to giant satellite dishes, some of which required to be manually adjusted. During short time, satellite companies became aware of the fact that more and more people were purchasing satellite receivers. In the beginning satellite companies started to charge for programming, and they scrambled some of the programs so you had to buy another piece of equipment (satellite descrambler) to be able to watch the programming you had already paid for.
Generally, satellite programs are divided into two categories, free to air and premium. Free to Air programs do not requires a descrambler, but Premium or pay-per-view channels are scrambled until you purchase the equipment to descramble the programs you are unable to watch them. At present, the satellite receiver works as a satellite descrambler. All of the signals coming through your satellite are digitally scrambled until they reach your satellite descrambler. The descrambler decodes this information and converts it into a viewable form so the satellite programs can be viewed on your television sets.

Satellite descrambler is a card that contains specific software for authorized users to access a clear, digital picture and for that they usually pay a monthly subscription fee. Absence of appropriate descrambler restricts the user to receive only the scrambled signals from the satellite. Authorized user is given the appropriate descrambler by the company to enjoy the satellite programs they ordered and paid for. The price for the satellite descramblers varies a lot. The channels that will actually be available through the descrambler will depend upon the package that you have selected and the specific satellite system.

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